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Body, shape, form

I used Snapseed!
5.bird face
6.Face texture
8.small pupil


Photojournalism: The art or practice of communicating news by photographs, especially in magazines. Photojournalist need a camera in order to capture the “perfect moment”.

Henri Cartier Bresson: Henri Cartier Bresson was a French humanist photographer, he was considered the master of candid photography. He used the medium of 35-mm photography, he traveled the world capturing scenes, telling stories with his images. in my opinion, I really like Henri’s photographs, his work is very interesting and unique. His way of telling a story through photographs is impressive. I really like the black and white theme, he has a great way of capturing light and composition. The lighting of his images really draw a huge affect on the images when telling a story. His ability on capturing the perfect moment is amazing, he spent a lot of time perfecting his skills in order to capture the perfect decisive moment. His images show mixtures of emotion like happiness, sadness, peaceful, chaotic and so much more.

Henri Cartier-Bresson "Seville, Spain" - JL Modern

IN PHOTOS: Henri Cartier-Bresson's India in 69 photographs | Architectural Digest India

Sale of gold in the last days of the Kuomintang, Shanghai, China | International Center of Photography


I used Snapseed for all my images.

Aaron Siskind, "Olive Tree, Corfu 145" (1970) | PAFA - Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Aaron Siskind was a very great photographer. His images always showed texture and he also included shapes and patterns in his photography. In my opinion, I believe that Siskind’s style of photography is very unique and detailed.


  1. Portrait photographer: They get paid about $17/hr. or $36,290 a year
  2. Fashion photographer: They get paid $28-51/hr.
  3. Wedding photographer: $300 or more
  4. Sports photographer: National average is $42 and $20/hr.
  5. Wildlife photographer: $41,640 a year
  6. Photojournalist photographer: $30k-35k
  7. Landscape photographer:$56k-84k
  8. Food photographer: $42,000
  9. Nature photographer: between $26,000- $41,000
  10. Commercial photographer: $30,476-$79,139

Between all these photograph careers I see myself working as a nature photographer. I’ve always loved to photograph flowers, views, mountains, etc. I believe that if I had a chance to photograph nature, I would really enjoy it

Triptych: body parts + internet triptych

This triptych caught my attention because its very different than others I’ve seen. I like how each picture represents a different type of emotion, I feel like it tells a story. I like the composition because the placement of the images let the photograph be more interesting to the viewer.


Double Exposures

10 words to describe your images

  1. funny
  2. baby
  3. fire
  4. cool
  5. unique
  6. casual
  7. summer
  8. awesome
  9. creative
  10. powerful (my nephews picture)